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What the fuck did I just watch?


what the fuck though




just forever top that

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Thanks so much xo

For all the support and following me for the entire year, and those who got caught in the middle <3

This has been my favourite project ever completed or begun for myself. I’m so proud of it and I’ll keep the entire year’s archive up forever. It will be quite the experience to look back on for years and years on.

xo Courtney Reader + January 30th, 2012

Day 365 - Two Of Us
Finally, the last day. It&#8217;s been such a wonder to finally come to the end of this project, having the opportunity to complete this challenge alongside my friends was huge for me &lt;3. Madison and I when we were working together was such a powerful and meaningful time for us, myself especially, I&#8217;d say. It paid off and gave me a lot of experiences I&#8217;m very grateful of. 
This 365 Day Challenge perfectly framed the prime, fall, rise, and fall again of mine and Madison&#8217;s friendship, which looking back, gives a quite strange and unexplainable feeling. So I decided my last photo should be what started it all.
xo Thanks Madison, for being an impeccable muse, for giving me some of the greatest times of my life, and for showing me The Beatles &lt;3 
Courtney xx
Day 364 - Friends of Mine
It&#8217;s the second last day of my 365 Day Challenge, and I like to say a little bit about this photo. This is a very blunt representation of what I&#8217;d say is some of the closest companions to me, excluding people. The Beatles so strongly inspired me, and still, throughout the period of time I&#8217;ve been taking photographs. This camera I got a little over a year ago (not my first, this was my first dslr) was a huge step for me. 
Some of the first photos I took with that camera when I got home were Beatles things.

Day 363 - Showtime
Day 362 - Trio
Day 361 - She Doesn&#8217;t Smoke
Day 360 - Vases

5 Days Left xo

Day 359 - Nest